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What you mean Swan, is you have an autistic accent. :) And yes, there is such a thing. :) Don’t ask me to understand, I can’t say I understand it either, but I can’t tell you how many times, how many people have told me the same thing they’ve told you, or how many other autistic people have been told the same thing… Even by people who know me, and know I’ve lived here all my life, and therefore by definition don’t have an accent any more than anyone else around me (except to those who aren’t from here)… except that, apparently, I do…

So we’ve come to the conclusion that somehow, there is such a thing as an autistic accent. How it works exactly, who knows, but… it’s very well documented.  Oh, and btw, did I mention that my voice is so unreliable I use a computer sometimes to do it for me? (never mind the whole hating speech thing and well, just ICK!!! apraxia and other movement disorder issues don’t help either.)

Haa… it makes sense, yes, particularly for those of us who don’t talk when we are young, the ability to use particular sounds is caused by practice at an early age, I think, so if you don’t get a lot of speaking practice at an early age, it makes sense that you would speak with an accent… or, that’s what I always thought was the cause, anyway ^v^

I think it’s the same reason I have difficulty with language in general… growing up in a family that speaks two languages, and, I didn’t feel comfortable speaking any languages, two was definitely too much for me, so, I think I just shut down a little over it, haha… and, that makes sense, about wanting to use a computer for speech. Sometimes I get embarrassed and uncomfortable at the feeling that my mouth will just not want to move right, to make the words.

Is apraxia any way related to dyspraxia? I have dyspraxia too… I finally learned this when I realise I can’t follow instructions for how to move my body unless I physically am guided through it, even then I don’t remember it and it takes me a lot longer to “catch” it than most people, I forget where parts of my body are, and I don’t “trust” my body at all to make the right movements when I need them (it isn’t natural to me). My detail skills are good (I can draw, I can do crafts, etc.) but when it’s “an area bigger than my hands” (how I call it), that I have to organise in space, I can’t do it.

So of course, I tried to learn to hang glide (´・ω・`) I’m sure I was the worst student… this is very embarrassing, when you’re bird-kin! I sometimes felt close to tears because the physical skills are not natural to this brain and body… and then we didn’t have money to keep doing it. I hope I can get my Hang 3 (rating you need to fly independent from most sites), one day, but I didn’t even get Hang 1 yet, I don’t know if I’m able…

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