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as far as i understand it, someone with autism is like a computer without operative sistem, is not that they are useless or empty, is just that they doesnt have the ability of interaction with other people

and if i am wrong please correct me that i want to learn more about the subject

Actually, it’s more like y’all are Windows and we’re *nix. That’s about it.

Yes. Autistic people don’t lack anything, we just experience the world in a different way. We can, and do communicate, we just do it in different ways. And often we are able to communicate with other autistic people. That’s what deaf-autie means about Windows and *nix. We can communicate with each other, better than we can communicate with non-autistic people… but, that’s true of you too. Remember communication is not one-way! Non-autistic people expect us to learn your language, but, you could also try to learn ours!

You won’t say a deaf person or a blind person is like a computer without an operating system, so, why do people think someone who is not able to speak, is automatically less?

Autism is a different way that the brain works. Not less. Just different. That’s all.

via Deaf Autie.
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    thank you, thank you so much, im being honest when i said that im happy for you taking time and actually explain me why...
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    I know Aspergers’ is a higher-functioning form of Autism, but my boyfriend has it. I love him very much, and you can...
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    OP, you are so incorrect and insulting I… wow how about you do some of your own research?
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    If you think you might be wrong and want to learn more, don’t say anything and read! It hurts fewer people and skips a...
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    "turning me into an object" = exactly the thing that upset me most about the OP. I know it’s supposed to be “a metaphor”...
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    Oh my god. OP is so wrong I’m laughing in order not to cry. Thanks for turning me into an object! I really appreciate it...
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    Op, we aren’t computers. We are people. Some of us are even fairly social! We just operate differently than non autistic...
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